RBC 11 UPS Battery
  Our Price: $205.16



Please look at the MODEL Number on your unit to make sure this is the

RIGHT battery. Many people order the wrong battery on this model!!!

There are NO returns or credit if you order the wrong Batteries.

Brand new replacement battery cartridge. Consist of (4) 12CE18 Connected batteries (2 packs of 2 connected batteries).

Battery Dimensions:

     Length: 7.13", Width: 3.03", Height (including terminals): 6.57", F3 terminals

      Weight: 56 lbs.

Replaces batteries for APC models:

APC SmartCell XR

APC Smart-UPS 280

APC Smart UPS 1400 series: (AP1400), (SU1400RMXL), (SU1400RMXLNET), (SU1400RMXLTNET), (SU1400XLTNET)

APC Smart UPS 2000 series: Smart-UPS 2000 (SU2000)

APC Smart UPS 2200 series: (SU2200), (SU2200BX120), (SU2200I), (SU2200INET), (SU2200NET), (SU2200RM), (SU2200RM5U), (SU2200RMINET), (SU2200RMNET), (SU2200RMXL), (SU2200RMXLI), (SU2200RMXLINET), (SU2200RMXLNET), (SU2200RMXLT), (SU2200RMXLTNET), (SU2200RMXLTX153), (SU2200X106), (SU2200X111), (SU2200X115), (SU2200X179), (SU2200X180), (SU2200X93), (SU2200XL), (SU2200XLINET), (SU2200XLNET), (SU2200XLTNET), (SU2200XLTX153), (SU2200US), (SUA2200)

APC Smart UPS 3000 series: (SU3000), (SU3000INET), (SU3000NET), (SU3000RM), (SU3000RM5U), (SU3000RMINET), (SU3000RMNET), (SU3000RMX93), (SU3000TNET), (SU3000US), (SU3000X177), (SUA3000),


All Batteries are.